Juice Beauty

Started in California, Juice Beauty was the answer to a woman whom was looking for a healthier solution compared to the high chemical, man-made skincare and cosmetics on the market.  With the skin being the largest organ on the human body, it is not surprising that its 64% absorption rate of products that are placed on it, can cause many to look for alternative options to what is found on the mass market.

Founder of Juice Beauty, Karen Behnke, set out to answer the need for those on this question for a healthier lifestyle.  Her motto is to provide organic beauty solutions with clinical results.  From scientifically backed skincare to plant enriched makeup, Juice Beauty offers a wide range of offering a full line of organic beauty solutions. 

One will find that there is a division in the beauty community. Normally people tend to side either within the principles of the green community or side with the philosophy of the more chemically, laboratory produced products.  While the organic community can get a lot of flake as using ingredients that are irritating and don’t produce long term results, Juice Beauty has backed their products with science. Behnke has prided herself with having formulas that have been backed by scientists, chemists and microbiologists, while sourcing her ingredients locally.  The base of the products start with a proprietary juice recipe with a mix of antioxidant rich ingredients that includes vitamin C, malic acid, fruit stem cells, peptides and essential oils. 

Juicy Beauty Green Apple Peel

A stand out product amongst the line is the Green Apple Peel, with its’ patent, it is a good product for any skin type, as it brightens and evens out the skin tone and texture.

Juice Beauty has 4 main lines to their skincare solutions.  Treat wrinkles and lines with their Stem Cellular line, treat acne with their Blemish Clearing range, treat dullness with their Green Apple products and treat dry skin with Daily Essentials assortments.  One can find any product to suit a myriad of skin concerns.

Introducing the NEW Exfoliating Peel Spray

In early 2016, Juice Beauty has partnered with Gwyneth Paltrow to develop their cosmetic line as their Creative Director.  With her input, they have developed a full range and have brought a lot great publicity to the line. Developing a colored beauty range in an organic line does have its’ challenges as consistency can become more varied. They were able to derive color for the line by isolating pigments from flower petals and various botanical fruits.

Juice Beauty has taken the fancy of many celebrities attesting to their motto of delivering results with organic solutions, actresses such as Kate Hudson and Alicia Silverstone are long-time fans that use Instant Eye Lift Algae Mask and Eye Treatment and Juice Perfecting Foundation.

Some may think that organic products would have a shorter life span, but Juice Beauty in fact formulated their products to with stand a two year shelf life and support the freshness of their products with producing them in small batches to ensure potency.

It may have taken Behnke five years to get the formula down, but she has helped given the green community respect in their quest to be recognized as a sustainable and competitive option in the beauty community.  Depending where you live you can find Juice Beauty at Ulta or Juice Beauty directly.

Written By Heather Rochford