Ariana Grande Outfit by Designer Trần Hùng

Global music sensation Ariana Grande adorned a dress inspired by Trần Hùng's tea flower collection to promote her newly released album.

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande recently wore an outfit inspired by Trần Hùng's tea flower collection to promote her new album, Eternal Sunshine, and the second music video, We Can't Be Friends (Wait For Your Love), on NBC's Saturday Night Live.

The American singer, songwriter, and actress., Ariana Grande released her seventh album, 'Eternal Sunshine,' and the second music video worldwide on March 8, 2024, marking her return after four years.

Immediately after the release, the singer, one of the most streamed artists of all time, appeared as a guest on NBC's Saturday Night Live.

In the introduction segment and promotional images for 'Saturday Night Live,' Ariana Grande chose an intricately crafted design from Trần Hùng's Fall-Winter 2023 collection.

tran hung

The American singer showcased her youthful beauty and slender figure in a minimalistic dress with a wrapped silhouette. It was made from premium velvet silk and adorned with delicate tea flower patterns and meticulous embroidery.

Trần Hùng custom-tailored the design for Ariana Grande after receiving a request from Mimi Cuttrell, her stylist, in late January 2024. According to Trần Hùng, Ariana Grande's styling team followed and admired his collections showcased at the London Fashion Week, deciding to independently choose a design from the Fall-Winter 2023 collection for the singer.

Regarding the outfit, Trần Hùng mentioned that Ariana Grande appreciated the original design and did not request any modifications, only emphasizing the importance of adhering to the measurements provided by her styling team.

Further elaborating on the attire, Trần Hùng revealed that it is a best-selling design from the Fall-Winter 2023 collection, conveying a message of gender equality. The garment is 100% silk velvet in sweet pastel pink tones with a Fall-Winter vibe. The interwoven patterns on the design drew inspiration from tea flowers (Camellia). The craftsmen intricately embroidered them with countless Miyuki beads over two weeks. Notably, the TRAN HUNG brand's designer and team had to work overtime continuously to complete the design and deliver the outfit to the United States within the timeframe discussed with Ariana Grande's stylist.

The fact that Ariana Grande, a globally renowned artist with a remarkable fashion sense and meticulous style, chose an original design from the TRAN HUNG brand is extraordinary and fortunate for both designer Trần Hùng and the Vietnamese brand. This recognition signifies the success and unexpected achievements in affirming the position of Vietnamese fashion and the TRAN HUNG brand on the global fashion map." - shared Trần Hùng, the designer.

In the coming years, Trần Hùng plans to expand further into the international market, hoping that the TRAN HUNG brand will have more opportunities to collaborate with Ariana Grande and many other renowned global stars in various events and projects.

Ariana Grande, born in 1993, is an American singer and actress. She began her career on Broadway and later appeared in television shows. In 2013, Ariana released her debut album, 'Yours Truly.' The beauty has received Grammy Awards, MTV Video Music Awards, and AMAs and was included in Time magazine's 2016 list of the' 100 most influential people in the world.'

Designer Trần Hùng, born in 1988 in Yên Bái, is the first and only Vietnamese member of London Fashion Week. In 2022, Robb Report Vietnam honored him as the 'Sustainable Fashion Designer of the Year'.

Established in 2017, the TRAN HUNG brand by designer Trần Hùng has developed over seven years with more than 15 collections, including 12 consecutive collections featured on the official website of London Fashion Week.