ISHU Scarf

Access All Brand’s ISHU scarf, known to many as the real life invisibility cloak is the 1st anti paparazzi scarf to exist in a society driven by celebrity culture. What took so long? Launched in Amsterdam on December 7th, Founder Saif Siddiqui Aims to help claim back the right to privacy in a very fashionable and classy manner.

 Singer with ISHU scarf  ISHU Scarf with camera flash

Saif and a group of experts indulged in the science of light and reflection for 6 years to ensure it could really be a solution for people like his celebrity friends. With supporters like Nick Jonas and Hanna Simone (Cee Cee from new girl) the invisibility cloak has been long awaited.

ISHU Scarf Black   ISHU Scarf red



ISHU allows the wearer to influence flash photography, because the materials used consist of light reflecting particles that absorb the light around it. Making the wearer unrecognizable in photos, thus avoiding embarrassing photos being plastered all over social media minutes later! The scarf was crafted for both Men and women not only to be a privacy statement but a Fashion statement perfect for the cold seasons.


Keep a look out for more secret products and pieces to come this month!



Written By Jade Vanriel

Interview By Shanika Ocean