Annelise Michelson is not one to blend in, "I don't want to make women look pretty and harmless", "Women are sexy, desirable, and complex. I want to give them weapons." with her bold, structured cutting edge pieces she does exactly that.

Fashion designer turned Jewellery designer, Annelise Michelson's vision is captured effortlessly with her take on jewellery being contemporary but bewitching, she is in a league of her own.  With dark glamour at the core, but a fine line between feminine, and butch Annelise still manages to keep her pieces couture.  Thanks to her bohemian upbringing, she remains in touch with the quirkier side of design, but Annelise's Parisienne haute couture education is what keeps her collections articulated.

Draped Cuff   Sculptural Collier  

British singer-song writer FKA twigs, was spotted at The Brit Awards 2015 Nominations Launch wearing the draped choker, cuffs ring and carnivore ring, all from the Sculptural and Carnivore collection.  From starting out in 2010 i would say Annelise Michelson's feet are firmly set in the Jewellery world, with her reputation as an upcoming jewellery maven said to be becoming increasingly concrete.


Written by Li Thane-Kitson 


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