Branch Bangles 2013

The Branch Jewellery 2013 Spring Summer line has been released, and is making me itch to slip on a maxi dress and sandals and hop on a flight somewhere exotic. Inspired by designer Wendy Pickard-Young’s travels to Indonesia and the indigenous jewellery she saw, the collection draws on their use of bold shapes and natural materials.

Having drawn inspiration from one of the world’s most beautiful countries, The Branch’s jewellery is as natural as its inspiration. Made in Indonesia by local craftsmen and using traditional methods, the collection is made entirely with natural materials chosen with sustainability in mind. Even the wood is conditioned only with bees-wax. The value in these pieces comes from the specially selected gold, silver and semi-precious stones. The combination of the natural and the preciousness of these pieces take the wearer on a timeless journey through the beauty that can be found in this world. Like all things natural, no two pieces are the same, each with their own unique patterns and shapes.

The collection’s highlight is its chunky deep brown rosewood bangles. The bangle above is studded with gems of blue Howlite, adding a quirky style to the smoothly finished wood. Other bangles showcase slices of Agate stone, framed in gold. The stone is one of nature’s works of arts; formed over thousands of years, it resembles an aerial shot of a coral reef.

Written By Emma Sorrell

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