Decorum Live Tour Dream

Designed by Mahiki and Whisky Mist founder Marc Jacques Burton, DecorumLYD (Live Your Dream) is a luxury leather brand which reaches out to the successful and stylish man.

Already a hit amongst Burton’s celebrity friends from his clubs, the collection is aimed at the man who is living his dream. And to be shopping in the exclusive South Ken boutique The Library (the only place stocking the collection) where prices for the collection vary from £2,800 to £3,500, may certainly seem The Dream for some men.

Decorum LYD

The quality of the pieces is assured, from its materials (Buffalo leather), its production (handmade by in Italy by experienced artisans) to its designs. The designs consist of four “Hero” styles, with every piece made unique by a one off inspirational quote sewn on the inside. Ready to suit the busy lifestyle of the metropolitan man, the jackets are versatile, each with multiple ways of wearing - with multiple collar and zip options.


Probably the most outrageous design is the Rebel Rouser, inspired by James Dean’s Rebel without a Cause. Worn by Pharrell Williams and Will.I.AM the jacket is the ultimate piece for a modern day icon, with its huge fur collar looking like it should belong to a Moscow billionaire, or the space age. The worn leather comes in a masculine black, or for those who want to go one step further, a bright red or blue style.

These pieces certainly aren’t for everyone, and the key ingredient to pulling one off has to be confidence. Certainly never a design that will sit quietly in the corner, but surely no man living his dream would want to do that anyway?

Written by Emma Sorrell

For more information www.decorumlyd.c