Eastern meets Nordic in “The Now Collection”, a vast selection of new designs, reflecting Eastern spirituality and Nordic Autumnal forest colours.

Original charm bead brand, Trollbeads, uphold their superiority against their competition with their unique earthier and organic look with a baroque feel. Their risky experiment with design and texture, is what separates them from any other charm bead brand, and prevents them from being main stream.

Danish company Trollbeads, was founded in 1976 in Copenhagen, family owned and operated, but with independent artists who are employed to help diversify the brand.

At the International Jewellery show in Olympia, famous artist and self-taught designer Tomas Cenius, could be found with his new Autumn collection, which was launched on the 5th of September 2014.

 Tomas Cenius IJL 2014


His collection includes fifteen sterling silver charms, two glass kits(twelve beads), two natural stones, two coloured leather bracelets, a lock, and two fantasy pendants, clean Nordic design combined with figurative forms and mystics of the East.

The two glass kits named Northern forest and Eastern facet, both equally ornate;

 Northern forest is a strong mix of hot and cool colours representing the aurora borealis that are visible at high altitudes.

Eastern Facet brings an eclectic mix of colours and patterns featured in faceted cut glass for a brilliant sparkle. 

The fifteen silver charms are half focused on the Eastern Spirituality theme and half on the Northern Forest. The Northern Forest beads are a mix of whimsical and traditional motifs.

Trollbeads Mantra

To complete the collection are two semi-precious gemstones, which are natural so will probably bear a great deal of variation throughout the collection, two fantasy pendants both featuring the spirituality theme, and two new leather bracelets which features colours that contrast strikingly together.

This collection captures the fusion of Nordic and Eastern effortlessly; a beautiful, well put together selection of charms, that only an artist could truly bring to life.

It’s said that the ethos of this new collection is all about living in the present, echoing the sentiment of the famous Buddha quote: “Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment”. Which goes hand in hand with Tomas’ thoughts that “when I work with Trollbeads, I like the fact that I design something that defines human emotions”.

Written by Li Thane Kitson

For more information go to  www.trollbeads.com